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Discover a New Era of Learning DIGITAL MARKETING.

Here’s a little known fact.

The current global market size of digital marketing is about to reach $786.2 billion by 2026.

We have a goal to create more digital marketers with the following media, technology, and trends…

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01 Course overview

02 What is digital marketing?

03 What does a digital marketer do?

04 How to make a marketing plan?

05 Consumer psychology

06 Current trends in digital marketing

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

01 Basic brief on social media marketing

02 Facebook marketing - Algorithmic core

03 Instagram marketing - Algorithmic core

04 X (Twitter) marketing - Algorithmic core

05 LinkedIn marketing - Algorithmic core

06 Pinterest marketing - Algorithmic core

07 YouTube marketing - Algorithmic core

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

01 SEO overview

02 Basic keyword research

03 Advanced keyword research

04 Competitor analysis

05 SEO content planning

06 On-page SEO

07 Technical SEO

08 SEO audit

09 Google analytics & search console

10 Off-page SEO overview

11 Local SEO

12 Reporting & monitoring

Website Fundamentals

01 Importance of having a website

02 Domain and hosting

03 Tips to find good domain names

04 Introduction to WordPress

05 How to design with Elementor?

06 10 essential WP plugins

Facebook Advertisement

01 Facebook ads basic concept

02 Facebook business manager

03 Facebook ads manager

04 How to decide ad objective?

05 How to set up a campaign?

06 How to create a funnel with FB ads?

07 Audience insight

08 Ad optimization

09 FB pixel setup & retargeting

Google Ads

01 Google ads basic concept

02 Google ads platform overview

03 Keywords selection

04 High-performing landing page creation

05 Killer ad copy creation

06 Ads performance analysis & remarketing

Content marketing

01 What is content marketing?

02 How can your customers find you?

03 How to start a blog?

04 Tips to find content idea

05 Formula for engaging title

07 High-performing blog post writing

Email Marketing

01 Email marketing overview

02 How to collect emails

03 Lead generation

04 Lead magnet setup

05 Killer ad copy creation

06 Email marketing tool

07 Email marketing funnel

08 Data analysis & AB testing

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No. The course is for the people who can perform and pass a assessment test. And we have a very limited seats available.

To join this course you must register and apply for an eligibility test. After passing the test you can pay the training fee and join.

Sorry, as we are not a traditional training institute, we cannot assure the timing or schedule of our next batch.

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