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We'd love to share our Profit Happiness and Problem

At Bizcope, we embrace the essence of “Profit, Happiness, and Problem,” and we’re passionate about sharing our success with everyone involved. Through profit sharing, we prioritize the well-being and happiness of our team, clients, and partners. Our collaborative approach ensures that everyone benefits from our achievements, creating a culture of shared success and fulfillment. Join us to be a part of this rewarding journey, where profit-sharing becomes a cornerstone of our united accomplishments.

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We are a big Family

We take great pride in fostering a close-knit and supportive work environment that transcends beyond the traditional office setting – we are a big family. Our team members come together not only as colleagues but as friends who celebrate each other’s achievements, share moments of joy, and support one another through challenges. With an open-door policy and a genuine sense of camaraderie, we believe that a strong sense of belonging is key to our collective growth and success.

We'd love to celebrate our
happy moment

At our vibrant workplace, every happy moment is a reason to celebrate! From reaching remarkable milestones to sharing laughter-filled days, we love coming together as a close-knit team to revel in the joyous occasions. At the heart of it all, we’re more than just coworkers – we’re a lively and spirited bunch who value fun, festivity, and togetherness. Join our spirited team, and let’s create a workplace where happy moments are cherished, and the good times keep rolling!

Getting the team together

These behaviors show what it means to be a true Bizcoper.
It’s what we strive for and celebrate as a team.

Bizcope Retreat 2022

We took a break and jumped into a full day of fun activities to gather energy for 2022 with a fantastic retreat.

Thank You day 2022

We celebrated a day to express appreciation for our team and their parents and shared opinions for Bizcope.

Nepal Trip 2023

We went to Nepal straight from our office desk to recharge our mind for the next big move to grow beyond.

Thank You day 2023

We proudly host our annual Thank You Day to express our heartfelt appreciation to both our hardworking team and their loved ones.

Bizcope Fun Fest 2023

We were in this together as a team and took a moment to have some fun. Instead of work-pressure we had a day-long team-bonding time.

Our First Event In Bangkok 2024

Bizcope takes a global initiative to share the secrets and insights of scaling businesses and ensuring growth.

Our team culture

These behaviors show what it means to be a true Hubstar.
It’s what we strive for and celebrate as a team.

Own it

Have pride in the work you do and own it from start to finish. Do what you say you’re gonna do without being nudged.

Prove it

Know your numbers. Show evidence for decisions and proof later that they worked. This earns respect.

Trim it

Work efficiently, and recognize when time is being wasted. Identify opportunities for improvement.

Team it

We’re in this together and we’re all on the same team. Take time to appreciate each other.

Mean it

Share opinions honestly and respectfully. Don’t be afraid to pick a side and defend it.

Feel it

Start with empathy. Not an assembly line. Take initiative and think with the customer in mind.

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